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July 15, 2012
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Zero--00 : Nano by umepai Zero--00 : Nano by umepai

OTL sorry, I was running out of time and I only found out about the group like 1 day ago, so it is one tone colors for now ;A;
Finally got it colored fffff--
And I wanted to give her a crossbow but that shit ain't easy to draw repeatedly, so yeah, curved blade :iconmingplz:

//EDIT// I- I got in alkdhflasdf :iconpapcryplz: :iconasdfghplz: All these happy feels, I can't-- Q//A//Q

Name :

D.O.B :
November 16th

Age :

Gender :

Height :

Occupation :
Part-time at a Bakery and as a handyman(doing odd jobs from fixing furnitures to delivering goods).

Zone :

Demonic Weapon :
Magical Curved Sword.
The blue mist that emits from it is the magic itself that enables Nano to slice through the opponent internally, leaving no open wounds, however still causes immense pain and will bleed from the inside (most probably cause the opponent to bloat from internal bleeding). The blue is actually the color of "poison" in the magic, that will cause the internal organs to rot without the opponent realizing. This is only limited to 5 strikes though, and will need time to recharge. The blade will then act as a normal cutting edge, leaving actual open wounds.

Personality :
- despite appearing loudkand carefree, she is very observant to her surroundings. Back when she was still with her family, she had no say in any situation, only to be allowed to listen. Since then she unconsciously started to observe people.
- not only is the way she dress flashy, so is the way she speak. However, it may not look like it, but she always thinks twice beforekan outburst.
- yes, she may be quite rude at times, but she means no harm.
- she is truly soft at heart, and knows how to cherish properly, for she had been an abuse of it herself.
Laidback / lazy:
- she is a massive procrastinator, but will set things to perfection if she puts her mind to it.
- Even though she wears that bikini openly, she's a tomboy at heart uwu She just finds it troublesome that people mistake her as a guy so she leaves her jumpsuit unbuttoned :I

-Mature but playful
-Cool headed
-Nano may seem cold and intimidating at first glance, but is actually very easy to talk to! (she has sharp eyes orz)

History :
Nano, the eldest daughter of one brother, was born and raised in Zone 1, however had been an outcast of the family ever since she was born. Her parents, who were scientists, much preferred a male child rather than a female, there Nano was never given a second chance. Life was not easy, whatever trivial mistakes she'd made, she was severly punished without hesitation, while her brother got away with everything. She was told not to burden the family, and was forced to quietly endure this hardship beside her pampered little brother.kBut things took a drastic turn of events one day. Her parents failed an experiment that was of a very important project, and were on the verge of going bankrupt. It'd seemed that they were not able to use animals as their test subjects, for the chemicals and formula in the experiment were of a special case. And they needed a human subject to test on. They laid their desperate eyes on Nano, whom they do not even consider as an existence, let alone their own blood daughter.

At the mere age of 10, Nano was at first oblivious to what was about to be done on her. She even felt the moment of joy when she thou'ht that her parent3 finally opened their eyes and cherished her. Can you feel the heartbreaking pain, seeing that child beam with such innocent joy when her parents confronted her with gentle smiles and a cooing voice, when it is all a lie? At the laboratory, she was isolated in a glass room, away from food source, in order for preparation of the experiment. But a careless yet harmless mistake changed their lives entirely. After getting a blood sample from Nano, they left thekroom, however not locking the door properly, leaving just enough gap for the little fingers to squeeze through and pull the door open. Curious she was, she explores the rest of the laboratory, beaming as she successfully discovered where her beloved parents were.

But what they were discussing out loud, was not for the delicate ears of a 10 year old. Nano heard and understood enough to discover what shekwas truly here for. With fear pulsing through her body, she turned to run, but tried over her hasty feet, causing a tiny racket loud enough for her parents to turn. She wasn't fast enough, captured and tied up back in the glass room, her wide, glassy eyes flickered around in fear, cold sweat filling up the pores of her skin. She was thrown and held down by her parents, who desperately attempted to inject anesthesia into the tiny, struggling body. It was too much for her to handle, her mind went blank and let out a shrill scream, just enough to momentarily stun her parents. She grabbed the scapel beside the e8periment table, and started slashing at her own parents out of defense. It was a gruesome scene that most people wouldn't believe it being done by a mere child.

When she was found, she was immediately taken to the hospital, obviously no one had second thoughts of her being the culprit. She was treated and given therapy, but couldn't recall what had actually happened. All she said was, "A monster appeared." But no one tried to push her, for she was still in shock. Only when she'd grown older, that her memories started to materialize. But she felt no guilt, Nano was 16, then. Already far away from the hospital, and leaving along in Zone 2, surviving school with a part-time job in a bakery. She stopped schooling after High School, instead taking up full-time jobs. She now also hides her dark history with a cheerful and laidback personality.

Likes & Dislikes :
✓ Heavy music genre: rock, heavy metal etc.
✓ Keeping her hair short
✓ Sweets
✓ Sleep
✓ Rainy days
✓ Skateboarding

✗ Disrespect
✗ Running out of lolipops
✗ The smell of cigarettes
✗ People who take things for granted
✗ Carrots (cause i hate them too //strangled)

Etc :
- She has a star tattooed on her left cheek
- She smells like vanilla, since she works at the bakery
- Seemingly unlimited supply of lolipops in her pockets owo
- Lives alone
- Plays the acoustic/electric guitar uwu
- Half-japanese, half-british. (her hair is bleached actually //ming)
- Because of her sharp looking eyes, she often attract unwanted company orz, so she gets into fights most of the time....
- She has three piercings on her left ear, and two on her right.

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O: omg! I just finished my character and she is so similar to yours! an her name is Nona >3< I'm going to post her though if you like to know her personality I think i wrote about her in my Oc Interview journal
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